Sisterlocks Information

    I celebrated my first year with locks by cutting off the rest of my relaxer.  In the Sisterlock community, this is called the Big Chop (BC).  I did not really shape my hair (although previous cuts to shape my former style may have contributed to its current shape). This is the way my locks grew due to the shape of the cut with the relaxer. I do not regret starting with a relaxer, but I am excited to actually begin this new phase. I started by just cutting off the buds that were to big due to bunching. Then I decided to cut all the relaxer off the back.  Naturally, this meant I had to re-angle the sides.  By the time I was done, I only had relaxer from the ears forward.  When no one even noticed that I cut my hair (not even my kids), I decided that it was time for the big chop.  My consultant was very pleased with the results. These photos are immediately after having my hair washed and retightened. Here are the pictures…..


African Icon of Saint Mary of Egypt


     For black women, hair is personal. There is so much caught-up in the idea of “hair”, that any other ethnic group probably wouldn’t understand. Social status, economic status, self-esteem, our daily plans are often influenced by our hair. Breaking free from this hair bondage, is something that is often wished for, but never realized. The desire for convenience and the need to be accepted, often keep people on the well traveled, socially acceptable path. When black people ask why I decided to get Sisterlocks, it is a “loaded” question containing all the “drama” of our hair. I will, however, attempt to answer.  My answers are not an indictment of anyone’s choice for their own hair, just an explanation of my decision.

Saint Mary of Egypt

                I Chose Sisterlocks Because…
…Because I want to dance in the rain with my kids
…Because my hair doesn’t dictate my exercise
…Because God didn’t make my hair straight
…Because I love the idea of “wash-and-go” hair
…Because there is a better way than burning my scalp
…Because shower caps don’t look good as lingerie
…Because my natural hair is beautiful too
…Because I want a variety of styling options
…Because I want to swim more than once a week
…Because I can open the windows and the sun roof
…Because it’s all natural
…Because umbrellas are optional
…Because I can scratch if my scalp itches
…Because I can wash my hair frequently
…Because I’m a black person with black hair
…Because I can curl them or leave them straight
…Because I have other things to do than my hair
…Because there isn’t just one kind of beauty

Like many others, it was with great anticipation that I awaited my Sisterlocks install. I think I’ve read 3/4 of the blogs about Sisterlocks available.  I did this partly because I wanted as much information as I could gather, but mostly because I just liked looking at the pictures.  I did run across good information, tips, and advise.  Here are some things that I learned, and a few things that I wish I had known.

The Initial Consultation:
1. Research your consultant. Make sure that person really is or has been certified or trained as a Sisterlocks consultant.  I have seen several people on the web who were told ” yea, I do Sisterlocks”.  They ended up very unhappy. Don’t be afraid to select a different consultant than the first one you interview.

2. It is traditional Sisterlocks practice that consultants do not charge for the consultation.  However, some consultants feel like you should pay for their time and charge a small fee $15-$25  for the consultation.  I am comfortable with either option.

3.  The test locks are important.  Don’t skip that step if possible. You’ll find out if you’re tender-headed or how gentle the consultant is. You will get a little taste of what the initial stage may look like.

4.  You should come away with a general estimate on how much time and money it will cost for your install.

5.  Pay attention to the setting. You may be spending a good deal of time with the consultant.  Is the office clean? Is the chair comfortable….you may be sitting in it for 21 hours!

6.  Is the consultant child friendly?  Some consultants don’t want even older children coming to retightening appointments.

7.  Come when you can see their work if possible (an install or a retightening).  Ask to see pictures of their work.

8.  Join Lockitup yahoogroup.  The people there have lots of experience with Sisterlocks and are willing to answer questions.

9.  Find someone with Sisterlocks and talk to them in person.  It’s one thing to look at pictures on the internet, but another thing to see “real” locks. 

10.  You need three inches of hair total. However, only two inches have to be natural. The other inch can be relaxed.